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Top 8 Under-Appreciated Blogs by Gen Y Women From Rebecca Thorman

Last night my friend and fantastic Generation Y blogger, Rebecca Thorman (@modite) created a list of "Top 8 Under-Appreciated Blogs by Gen Y Women," on her blog Modite. I am honored to be featured on the list and to be amongst 7 other amazing women bloggers paving the way for Generation Y. I've reblogged Rebecca's list for your perusal-let myself or Rebecca know what you think.

1. Dorie Morgan’s Rising Up by Dorie Morgan, @brstngphnx
Dorie weaves small ideas into major themes, and seems to have an outlook that is always a step to the side of my own. Which is exactly why I like reading her.

2. McKinney-Oates Cereal by Marie McKinney-Oates, @mckinneyos
Marie is the new Dooce. Wildly entertaining, transparent and hilarious, she writes about such topics as sex, her cat, the Snuggie, religion, her husband and whatever else crosses her mind. She has a special aptitude for dialogue.

3. Twenty Set by Monica O’Brien, @monicaobrien
I rarely feel the competition I do with other bloggers like I do with Monica because she’s one of the few people who can write about careers in a way that’s not completely boring.

4. Small Hands, Big Ideas by Grace Boyle, @gracekboyle
Grace and I have almost identical situations.
I love that she’s also working for a start-up company and is super into social media and the environment. She’s what Gen Y is all about.

5. Intersected by Jamie Varon, @jamievaron
When I first discovered Jamie she had a completely different writing style. Now she writes in the vein of Penelope Trunk – on the edge of topics. But be sure to explore some of her archives too for the really introspective stuff.

6. Smile Like You Mean It by Caitlin McCabe
Caitlin is a fellow Madisonian and offers sarcastic and irreverent vignettes on life next to hipster finds in art, fashion, design and music videos.

7. Shouting to Quiet the Thunder by Milena Thomas, @MelonCamp
A lot of the times, Milena feels like my blogging sister. I don’t always agree with her, sometimes I don’t even know what she’s talking about (in politics), but I’m always interested to hear her opinion. Exceptionally self-aware, her posts never fail to delight.

8. Quarter-Life Lady by Akirah Wyatt, @quarterlifelady
Akirah’s blog is full of such fun, sincerity and enthusiasm that it’s hard not to get caught up in it all. Alternating between personal stories and smart career advice, Akirah is someone you instantly like.

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