My hands may be SMALL, but my ideas are BIG


Boulder Bound

I like to think that 'Fortune Favors the Bold.' I am shaped and fashioned by this phrase. So, here I find myself...

After packing up my Honda Accord, with determination and zest I find myself in Boulder, Colorado. I-80 from Southeast Iowa is a straight-shot into Boulder. In fact, I drove with my pinkie and/or knee the entire time. The landscape is vast and expansive, quiet and desolate. But the sky opened up, almost like it was drawing me in. Ready for my new adventure, new home, new job (in the works) and next step in life.


  1. Wow Grace, you sure are Bold! Colorado sounds and looks very interesting, I love those pics and hope to see more! Good job on the blog, it looks great and I am sure to subscribe.

  2. Hi Adam! Thanks for the comment and checking out the blog. Please check back again soon, as I hope to be frequently updating it with my 'small hands, big ideas' theory ;) And of course, don't forget to sign up with your Net Vibes RSS Feed!

  3. I know Grace to be very bold and beautiful. I would know because I'm her mom, and I was on this Boulder adventure with her. Oprah and Gail have nothing on us! Love your blog and love you too, Grace.