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Democratic National Convention Day 1 (double shift)

What an experience I've had this past week at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Denver. The city was bustling with excitement and surging with power. I think 50,000 people arriving from around the country for this 2008 pivotal election year brought this monumental and moving convention to Denver .

I worked three separate events at the DNC this past week. The first was on Tuesday, August 26th with the Latino Leaders Network (LLN) at the Denver Performing Arts Center. LLN is a "non-profit organization whose mission is to develop ongoing opportunities to bring leaders together to establish relationships and dialogue on issues important to the Latino community." This luncheon series was a tribute to Federico Peña, former mayor of Denver and Secretary of Transportation and Energy during the Clinton Administration. I was impressed with Peña's determination and eloquence. In 1983, Peña defeated a 14-year incumbent, William H. McNichols, Jr. to become the first Hispanic Mayor of Denver, to which he was re-elected in 1987.

Speakers included Governor Bill Richardson (Governor of New Mexico, former runner for President), Senator Ken Salazar, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Texas Senator Leticia Van de Putte, and National Council of LaRaza (NCLR) President Janet Murguia. Follow this video link for coverage and speeches. I also may note that I served Eva Longoria as she was seated front row center, in my section! She was very sweet, beautiful, and short (even with those 4-inch heels).
Mickey Ibarra (founder) and Eva Longoria, a regular supporter at LLN events

Later that night, I headed to Invesco Field at Mile High where the Denver Bronco's play. This was a private, VIP party for delegates from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Hillary and Bill Clinton showed up (this was after Hillary's speech at the Pepsi Center). Both of them spoke, and I was right next to the stage so I had a great view. Hillary urged her delegates to take a stand, and no longer remain under a Republican Party President. And to end, she graciously thanked them for her support, as most of the people I saw that night were decked out in Clinton gear. Will they listen and make the crossover to Obama supporters for the vote in November?

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  1. Wow, that is so exciting that you got to see all those people! It must be tough to work with all the commotion and excitement while everyone else watches. I think it may be something like the kid selling peanuts at the ballpark and missing the game winning slide at home.
    Interesting point you bring up about Hillary. I have noticed that this election especially it is tough to generalize political thought and guess who will do what as people are all over the map, politically anyway. Although I'm sure many Hill-dawg supporters are thinking "well, its better than the alternative[John McCain]."