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Laughing Out Loud, Does the Body Good

I'm a big fan of laughter. In fact, I tell people that it's a hobby of mine. I've got big dimples and if you know me at all, you would probably say my laughter precedes me. It's just an innate part of my personality and what I enjoy in life. Nonetheless, I've got the science to prove it!

BoingBoing just posted the "Science of the Laughing Cure," which came from this month's Scientific American Mind article, "How Humor Makes you Friendlier, Sexier." I concur. "Laughter relaxes us and improves our mood, and hearing jokes may ease anxiety."

Norman Cousins, the journalist, author and editor of Anatomy of an Illness as Perceived by the Patient found there was no pain reliever better than clips of the Marx Brothers. For years, Cousins suffered from inflammatory arthritis, and he swore that 10 minutes of laughing at the hilarious team bought him two hours of pain-free sleep. "Amusement’s ability to counteract physical agony is well documented, and as Cousins’s experience suggests, humor’s analgesic effect lasts after the smile has faded."

Cousins' work as an adjunct professor at the School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles, let him investigate the effects of emotions on biological states and health.

From his investigation and work they found: "The community of patients inspired by such miracle treatments believes not only that humor is psychologically beneficial but that it actually cures disease. In reality, only a smattering of scientific evidence exists to support the latter idea—but laughter and humor do seem to have significant effects on the psyche, even influencing our perception of pain. What is more, psychological well-being has an impact on overall wellness, including our risk of disease."

So take that. Lighten your load and remember a good laugh with friends is more than fun, it's beneficial to your psyche and can significantly improve your overall well-being.

Kat, Jenica (my closest girlfriend's from college) and myself laughing ourselves silly. It does the body good.


What Inspires You? Guest Post VI: Samantha Karol

Sam and I "met" online through a combination of our blogs, BrazenCareerist and Twitter--all reasons why I love this project and our generation. Check out Sam's spin on this sixth series of What Inspires You? Then stay tuned, the two of us have another project up our sleeves...

Samantha Karol
Bio: Samantha is a 20-something Marketing Assistant at online ad network, CPX Interactive. She loves writing, watching football, ice cream, and social networking. To learn more about her, check out this post on her blog.

Inspiration can be found in many places, but for me, it’s not about what inspires me, but who inspires me. Certain kinds of people inspire me, those who embody particular values, ideals, or characteristics. I often find that those who inspire me are those I admire and aspire to be like, and it’s no coincidence that those words all share the same root.

Over the past few months, we’ve been hearing a lot about greedy CEOs who refuse to give up their million dollar bonuses, even as their companies struggle. I am proud to work for a company that is led by people who are the exact opposite. They are generous and giving, instead of greedy, and they follow the mantra that “with power comes responsibility.” Their selfless philanthropic efforts, like donating the money to build a community center in Ecuador, inspire me to be a better person.

I am also inspired by those who are not afraid to stand up for something they believe in, make their voice heard, stand up to authority, and work for change. Those who sacrifice for others, put themselves in harm’s way to protect someone else or to keep their country safe are an inspiration. People like the brave German citizens during WWII who said, this is not right, and risked their lives in an effort to save the lives of others. And, I am inspired by people who overcome hardship, look fear in the face and vow not to be afraid, who confront illness with perseverance and fight, and refuse to give up. My loved ones, who are no longer with me, inspire me to make the most of every day, and live my life to the fullest.

The dictionary definitions of inspiration often refer to the influence of a divine, supernatural, or holy force. There are certainly some aspects of religion that may serve as inspiration, but I believe that where we find inspiration has a lot to do with who we are, our passions and goals, and what matters to us. An artist might find inspiration in a beautiful sunset, an athlete in the record setters of the past, a chef in a new taste discovered in foreign cuisine. However, it's important to remember that simple things can inspire others too: a kind word, a selfless act, or a generous gift. You might be an inspiration to someone and not even know it. No pressure.


Friday Linky Love

This week doesn't have a theme, but each article piqued an interest of mine. I like to think there's a little bit of everything for everyone here. Happy Friday and this photo is to invoke the feeling of Spring, even though Boulder got 15"+ inches of snow yesterday!

1. New York Times, N.Y./Region: A Bookstore Closes in Chappaqua, and a Town is Poorer for It
2. Life Without Pants: The Dividing Line: Personal Blogging vs. Personal Branding
3. PR Squared-Show Your Quirk
4. Travellious-Origin
5. New York Times-The Moment: Venice Architecture Biennale
6. Logic + Emotion: How To Be More Human
7. Search Views: Social Media: Twitter Tests Search Ads
8. Wall Street Journal: The Facebook Generation Vs. the Fortune 500
9. nielsen wire: Twitter's Tweet Smell of Success
10.The San Francisco Chronicle: Cisco Acquires maker of Flip Video camcorders (A very close friend of mine, works with Pure Digital [makers of Flip Video] so I'm particularly proud and excited about this start-up making it big time!)

Photo Credit: J. Rosario


What Inspires You? Guest Post V: Adam Fullerton

For some reason Adam and I didn't meet until the very end of college and it still baffles us since we immediately clicked. His humor, honesty and zest for life are both endearing and addictive qualities that make everyone who is around him, immediately liken to him. All reasons, I'm happy to be featuring Adam as the fifth in my What Inspires You series.

Adam Ross Fullerton

Bio: Education-Life, everyone I have ever talked to, anything I have ever done, anything I ever heard (once I learned how to listen), and I hung out in classrooms at Champlain College until one day they gave me a very expensive piece of paper. Current Project- Campaign Analyst at a
video analytics company. Accomplishments- Making people smile, Eagle Scout, I love my job.
Blog: AdamFullerton Twitter: @fullyadam

The Might of a Muse

I used to be bummed out by the fact I never found something I thought I was exceptionally good at. Until one day when I realized I am a renaissance man who is really good at a lot of things which, in my opinion, makes me much better off. I am the luckiest man in the world because I can sing, dance, write music, laugh, cry, fix, break, climb, run, swim, sail, build a house, build a fire, build a following, think, talk, yell and whisper. I can work in subtlety, work in silence, and work in the rain. I can work outside, inside and even upside down.


I am inspired by those who I consider better than me. Without the higher standard set I will always feel comfortable resting on my laurels. I don’t seek inspiration, I let it come to me when it hits, it crashes on me like a ton of bricks. I am inspired by a beautiful photograph in a friend's apartment. I am inspired by a train conductor helping an elderly woman carry her suitcase up a flight of stairs. I am inspired by other people's opinions, ideas and cultures. I am inspired by people who don't say something unless its 100% meaningful. I am inspired by smart people with smart ideas who decided to do something and just did it, because if no one ever went completely out of their way to carry out a crazy idea than the human race would have died off a long time ago. I am inspired by the idea that if I was born a hundred years ago I would have been working in a railroad car shoveling coal instead of just riding one into Boston everyday.


So what motivates me? As cheesy as it sounds I am in the constant chase of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I know what I want in life and I embrace change, this means that I am always striving to achieve the things that make me happy while knowing that happiness will constantly evolve. I am especially motivated by the idea that my great grandmother was born in the time of a horse drawn carriage and died after seeing a man land on the moon. Now I am the first Fullerton to graduate college and I am taking part in the evolution of the Internet. I firmly believe that if you find something you love doing and take advantage of it than striving for excellence happens naturally, no motivation required.

Don’t know what you love to do? The best way to figure this out is just to get out there. Take a job you think you would hate, face the public, only let money be a factor if it has to be, never take a job you won’t learn anything at, and when possible, do something you would have never thought of if you had a closed mind. Life experience is key because life is the only thing that will teach you what you truly enjoy and are good at, and that is the true measure of success.

What I do, that might work for you:

If you're anything like me you need to be reminded of things constantly. Hang up a massive picture of a place you always wanted to visit next to a door you walk through everyday. For anything in your life that reminds you of your past install at least five times that which reminds you of your future. This will make you thankful for what you have and remind of what you want.

I end with a quote that I heard from an old Spanish man on a video showcased on this very blog.

"I have lived for 102 years and... I promise the only thing you wont like about life is that it is too short. You're here to be happy."


Don't Get Yourself Fired Because of Twitter

Ironically, a friend not on Twitter, but who makes fun of me because I am sent me this article from MSNBC, "Twitter Gets You Fired in 140 Characters or Less."
Although this story may not be breaking news, I still can't help but think about its relevancy. The article talks about a recent tweet by one would-be Cisco employee about his job offer. To illustrate, here’s the tweet the now Web-infamous "theconnor" shared with the world:

"Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work.”

Although he only has 45 followers on Twitter, it doesn't mean a brand or company such as Cisco can't view the Tweet. Furthermore, nothing you put on the Internet is ever private. Duh.

I can sympathize, here (well only a little) but the bigger picture here, is that the Internet and tools such as Twitter and Facebook have revolutionized and changed our job market and hiring strategy. Buzz terms like 'personal branding' and to Google someone before they come in for an interview isn't uncommon. I've referenced before in a blog post to be aware of how you represent yourself online and also keep tabs on your online visibility. I believe in authenticity and think that you should be honest and open--so I stress here, be yourself, but I think that talking publicly about a job offer that you actually don't want (unless you really want to be fired) isn't a smart move.

Lesson learned here: The Internet can get you fired. Be careful about what you say and know that brands, companies and individuals can see and hear what you're talking about. Unless you're comfortable with it being public, I say, better left unsaid or offline.

What sort of online experiences have you found in your company or with an individual speaking out against something, that backfired?

Photo Credit: Duane Hoffmann /


What Inspires You? Guest Post IV: Jamie Varon

The fourth in my "What Inspires You" series, I'm happy to be featuring Jamie Varon who tells it like it is. I appreciate her drive, honesty and fresh ideas such as her Twitter Should Hire Me Campaign. So without further ado...

Jamie Varon
Bio: Jamie Varon writes about the intersection of life, love, and work over at her blog, intersected ( She is bold, ambitious, honest, and wants to write about topics that people are afraid to discuss. Currently, she is working towards building a strong portfolio within the social media marketing industry.
Blog: intersected Twitter: @jamievaron

At different times of the day, inspiration will hit me. It could be a beautifully designed website or a blog post about something living honestly and courageously. Maybe, it's a copmliment someone gave me or a criticism I received. I find that inspiration comes in the most unsuspecting forms.

However, the one thing that always, 100% no doubt inspires me is when someone is living passionately and authentically. And, when they have the courage to be honest about it, flaws and all. That is my true inspiration.


Luis Filipe dos Santos-Ink Blot Illustration Artist

Art and design inspire me (I'm on an inspirational kick) so whenever I stumble across an artist that blows me away, I get giddy, wide-eyed and then know I want to feature their work. Luis Filipe dos Santos, an artist based in Portugal is one of them. Luis creates illustrations by using ink-blots as the base for his works. Like Meteu Velasco that I featured last month, I also reached out to Filipe and his humbleness and gratitude was refreshing. With his permission, here are my favorite pieces from his see.saw Flickr set:

what do you see? 04
i saw this. 04

what do you see? 05
i saw this. 05

For more of Filipe, check out his blog, Corcoise, his Etsy page, Flickr stream and website.


Friday Linky Love

Inspiration is on my mind so here are this week's links that are quirky, inspiring and beautiful to me. Happy Friday!
1. Web Urbanist- 10 Intense Public Guerrilla Marketing Posters
2. Modish- Eco Friendly Find: Fox and Clover
3. All Things Lovely- Artwork by Jillian Ditner
4. Zoomdoggle: Greasy Lisa
5. Live in Full Color: Color Inspiration: the Irish Flag
6. Simply Natural: Feeling Rusty
7. This is Glamorous: {seaside sophistication}
8. Living Locurto: Art Collage
9. F is for Favorite: Asuka Wallpaper
10. The Bright Side Project: The Bright Side Project II::Designer 19::Clare Stoker-Ring::Design by Stamp

Photo Credit: OakleyOriginals


What Inspires You? Number III: Guest Post by Caitlin McCabe

Just like inspiration, these posts are coming in waves. Already on our third, I connected with Caitlin through Lijit but found out we have much in common and enjoy each other's blogs. I hope you enjoy Caitlin's inspiration: "The Underbelly."

Caitlin McCabe
Bio: I live and blog mostly in Madison Wisconsin about design, art, music, and lifestyle. Besides scouting new things for my blog, I love tomatoes with salt, taking photos, and the show Mad Men.

Blog: Smile Like You Mean It Twitter: @caitlinmc

Motivation and Inspiration: The Underbelly

I love to write about what inspires me. In fact, most of my blog is about the different things that I stumble across online that make me say "wow, what an amazing idea!" and there really are some cool things out there right now. However, I believe there's another side to motivation that's slightly less rosy but equally as effective.

I showed up to my first graduate level writing class at age 20 believing myself to be the next Dorothy Parker and prepared to prove this to my new class. Until I found out two of my classmates had book deals. I had no book deal. The feeling was a mix of jealousy and confusion about my accomplishments and left me running for my computer after class. In tears. Crying to my roommate that I was "never going back to that class again". Melodramatic, I know but this was one of my most memorable run-ins with motivation. I took off the next summer and slaved over writing a book (I neither published nor finished it) that began right that moment in that class.

When it comes right down to it movies and books and art are inspirational tools that change the way I think and influence my art, a list of the "Top 30 Most Successful People Under 30" motivates me to get up at 5AM instead of 6.

In my mind, motivation and competition are kissing cousins. Case in point, how many times have you looked at an extremely successful group of people and discovered they've all been friends for years? They push each other with some healthy competition to be better at what they do. While it's sometimes hard to swallow, I find myself working ten times harder right after I meet someone 5 years younger than me with a successful website, their own art gallery, or a series of gorgeous photos they just shot. Here's my suggestion to use competition as motivation.

Choose a nemesis. Don't go out there and make an enemy, just choose someone who's a little ahead of you in the game (has double your readership instead of millions of readers for example) and stay on top of their advances and successes. I happen to be friends with several of the people that I consider to be slight competition. In other words, don't get caught up in disliking people who are ahead of you, just use that energy to push yourself a little further. Athletes do this all the time.

Write a list. I know, I know, everyone says this but you should do it. Right now. Write down all of the things you want to do even if they are totally ridiculous. Put it on your refrigerator. Look at it every single day. Every person that comes over to my house now knows that I want to improve my credit score, save some more money, own a condo in Las Vegas, and write a book but looking at this every single day while I do nothing about it makes me feel lazy. Eventually, I started chipping away at some of them.

So while inspiration makes our work worth doing and is the source of so many of our brilliant ideas, without motivation they may never come to fruition. At least for me, the ones up at 5 and out there doing it are that motivation.


Live iPhone Musical Performance

No, I don't have an iPhone (crackberry, baby). However, I do love MGMT and geeky, innovative ideas like this one where The Mentalists play Kids by MGMT on their iPhones and iPod Touches, using only apps downloaded from the Apple App Store. Apps included: Ocarina, Retro Synth, miniSynth, DigiDrummer Lite. Check it.

(Thanks, Boing Boing)


What Inspires You? Number II: Guest Post by Akhila Kolisetty

Here is my second guest post in the What Inspires You? series. I'm proud to present my new found friend, Akhila Kolisett, an enthusiastic Generation Y blogger, passionate about law, political science and social change.

Akhila Kolisett

Bio: Akhila is a 19 year old (soon to be 20!) undergraduate student at Northwestern University. She’s majoring in political science and economics, and hopes to eventually go to law school. She’s currently studying abroad for the year at the London School of Economics and absolutely loves London. She loves poetry, writing, chocolate, social media, political science and law, deep discussions, and learning about the world.

Blog: Justice For All Twitter: @freestallion

I started writing poetry at the age of 12 or so, after reading the autobiography of Bengali poet and Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore, given to me by my grandfather. My grandfather is incredibly intelligent. He has never left India, yet he has immense knowledge about the entire world. At a young age, I spent hours listening to his fascinating stories about history, science, religion, art, poetry, writing, and visionary leaders. My grandfather was my earliest inspiration. His guidance led me to discover writing and poetry. Since then, I’ve been in love with words. I love the power I have when I’m weaving words into poetry, when I see my haphazard thoughts come together cohesively to form something tangible, beautiful. I love the strength, emotional intensity, and symbolic depth that poems can convey.

To me, poetry is the ultimate expression of oneself. It allows one to put down on paper the abstract aches and longings buried inside – that simply can’t be conveyed through prose. I’ve been writing poetry ever since, and have even been published in a couple of literary magazines.

Since then, my love for writing has led me to be a reporter for The Daily Northwestern, my university’s newspaper. I loved journalism, but after a while it felt so cold and objective to me. I couldn’t inject my personality, my opinions, or my passions into my articles. And so I stopped after a year, realizing I could never commit to journalism. I’ve also always had blogs, but until a few months ago, they were mostly private and served as online diaries. For the first time, I recently began writing about issues I am passionate about – like human rights – on my public blog, Justice for All. I find blogging more fulfilling than journalism. It allows me to write about topics I care about engagingly and passionately. And at the same time, it’s allowed me to jump headfirst into social media, meeting like minded people and learning so much more about important issues.

Still, I feel like writing doesn’t allow me to make enough of a difference. Rather than simply informing people about the challenges we face, I want to do more. I want to actively do something to change our world. I am inspired by leaders, activists, and organizations that are passionate, talented, and truly innovative. I admire Muhammad Yunus for turning traditional finance on its head and creating a world movement for microfinance, allowing poor people access to loans for the first time. I admire Karen Tse, a lawyer who has started a nonprofit called International Bridges to Justice, which works to end torture in the developing world by training public defenders. I admire NYTimes columnist Nicholas Kristof for bringing to our attention the things that we have to care about: war, famine, genocide, poverty. I’m inspired by organizations like the ACLU, Human Rights First, Equality Now, and Legal Aid who work tirelessly to protect human rights and civil liberties. I believe strongly that law is an effective tool for social change, because it can really empower people. And I want to be a part of this. It is a way to combine my love for writing – since law involves so much writing – with my desire to better the world. And so, I will continue to be inspired by writers but also human rights activists. Someday, I hope to pursue both passions together – and I hope my inspirations will help me forge my path ahead.

Photo Credit(s): moleskinart and With Love & Such


Featured on Online College Degree Blog: 100 Best Blogs for Young Entrepreneurs

I'm happy to be featured on Online College Degree's recently released, "100 Best Blogs for Young Entrepreneurs," as I was featured in the category, "Young Women in Business." Not only is the list extremely resourceful but it's categorized and organized well. I'm featured amongst some friends and also people I look up to and have been following for some time. Check out the list for some new blogs to follow and great content.

Friday Linky Love

It's my birthday today! Yes, I realize it's Friday the 13th but I have now dubbed today a lucky day. So the links I've provided today are all positive. Yes, that's me down there on my birthday last year holding the beautiful cake my friends made me. Enjoy and have a beautiful day.
1. Positive News: Muhammad Yunus Calls for Change
2. Boston Herald: Putnam CEO Puts Positive Spin In Economy
3. What Does Boulder Mean to You? (A project myself and friends have participated in by blogging on what Boulder means to them--great posts)
4. Time: Five Reasons For Economic Optimism
5. I Care by Ruby Ku: Helping Through Lending
6. Good Magazine: Carpooling Quietly Booms in San Francisco
7. The Happy Herald: Robin Williams, Expect the Unexpected
8. Happy News: Food Caravan Stops In Hard-Hit Indiana County
9. 12for12K: 12for12K Teams Up With Pledge to End Hunger
10. Mother Earth News: Inspiring Handmade Homes


The First: What Inspires You? - Guest Post by Ruby Ku

As I mentioned this past weekend, I have committed to two exciting projects one of them being the What Inspires You? series that focuses on Generation Y, guest bloggers sharing what inspires them and makes them want to wake up in the morning. This project is dear to my heart so I'm excited to present the first in this series from a new friend and inquisitive blogger who cares, Ruby Ku.

Bio: I'm just another 20-something Gen Y who cares, blogs, travels and loves meeting people.

Twitter: @rubyku

I have always cared and wanted to make a difference. I also wanted more people to care because we need a lot of people working together towards making the world a better place to live. I just wasn't exactly sure how to go about doing it.

Recently I came across a story in the book Me to We written by Craig and Marc Kielburger. The story goes like this: "During the closing ceremonies of an international conference, the auditorium was plunged into darkness, and one young person stood in the center holding a lit candle. Quietly at first she called out the one question that was on everyone's mind: "I am only one person. What difference can I make?" She then turned to the four people closest to her and lit the candles they held. Those four then walked out to the corners of the auditorium, repeated the question, and each lit the candles of four people they met there. This same question echoed from person to person, from group to group, and on each occasion the flame was passed along. In this way, the light spread, until every candle was lit, and the vast room was aglow in a sea of light."

As human beings, we need to feel that we belong. Industrialization has encouraged individualism, followed by consumerism. People lost sense of who they were, and therefore turned themselves to products that have been marketed to them as the cure of emptiness and loneliness. People long for the desire to find their own identities and their places in the world. Last week I was at the screening of the documentary "Us Now ", a film project about the power of mass collaboration, government, and the internet. Following the screening, Christopher Wuff from Community Social Planning Council of Toronto said on the stage, "Web 2.0 is a return home, return to community, where we see ourselves in relation to the others and how we can help each other."

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared!!”    ~Buddha Quotes! by Kwai7a ..  »MiSs_7aRaKaaT« ;)!.
“If you're not lighting any candles, don't complain about the dark”

I truly believe we are the generation that have the ability to end poverty, to save the environment, and redefine the way our society works. A lot of my own inspirations have come from reading other people's blogs and learning about what they have done. I received the light from someone else and now I need to do my part. My blog is my candle, spreading the light, one at a time.

Photocredit: kwai7a


Coca-Cola: Encounter

I couldn't help but post this commercial from Coca-Cola: Encounter. I may have even shed a tear, they're truly a brand that seeks to invoke movement and inspiration.

Client: Coca-Cola
Agency: McCann Erickson, Madrid
Creative Director: Leandro Raposo
Creative: Raquel Martinez,
Monica Moro
Agency Producer: Luis Felipe Moreno
Production Company: Landia
Director: Andy Fogwill
Executive Producer: Ivo van Vollenhoven
Producer: Assaf Eldar
Director of Photography: Misca Lluch
Post Production: Molinare
Editor: Jose Serra


Interviewed by Steal This Job Blog

Recently I was approached by Caroline Dobuzinski from Steal This Job Blog, that features career news, tips and profiles of people doing interesting jobs. She appreciated my "positivity about the job possibilities for young people," so she asked to interview me and of course I obliged. I've re-posted it below, but it can also be found on her fantastic blog here.

"Smart, savvy start-up business developer"

Name: Grace Boyle
Age: 22 (turning 23 on Friday, March 13 - Happy Birthday, Grace!)
Business Development

Place of Residence: Boulder, Colorado
Employer: Lijit Networks, Inc. (
Interests: snowboarding, travel, cooking, laughing, blogging, technology, progressive mindsets, art, live music, my Italian family, a good challenge, authenticity, the outdoors, road trips
Favourite Quote: “Buy the ticket, take the ride.” -Hunter S. Thompson

What training was useful in getting your job?

Going above and beyond the requirements led to Boyle’s success in the online business world. Her public relations degree at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont required the completion of at least one professional internship. Boyle completed a total five, giving her invaluable skills. “Not only did I challenge myself, but I gained mentors in my field, was promoted to employment from two of the internships throughout college, and had a resume filled with relevant experience by the time I graduated,” said Boyle. “I learned to be assertive, how to network, meet the 'right' people and leverage my experience to employers.”

Boyle also gained perspective on the field by travelling abroad, studying for a year in Florence, Italy. "I stepped outside my comfort zone and learned to adapt in another culture other than my own,” she said.

How did you get your job?
Whatever you want to call it—be it a familiar expression, truism, cliché—being in the right place at the right time is so often the way to a career. But luck and happenstance aren’t the only factors to success.

Boyle moved to Boulder, Colorado without a job because she was passionate about living there. She started networking, asking her contacts if they knew anyone in the city and building a list of names. This eventually led to an informal meeting with Micah Baldwin, Lijit’s VP of Business Development. The meeting came about after Boyle mentioned to a contact that she had added the Lijit search engine on her blog.

In an unexpected twist, the meeting quickly turned into a job interview. “Micah began to perk up as I talked about Lijit and how I loved their service so he said, ‘Well, we're actually hiring,’” says Boyle.

The rest of the story is pretty simple, says Boyle: “Walter the COO walks by and Micah goes, ‘Walter, Grace is interested in the Biz Dev position. Can you interview her real quick?’ Just like that, I bounce into an interview with Walter the head of the company (I laugh now, because Walter travels a lot and the fact that he had time and was in the office is serendipitous).”

Boyle left the office at noon after her impromptu interview. By 4 p.m. that afternoon, she was offered the job in business development with Lijit and was in the office by Monday. The COO said that it Boyle’s enthusiasm, experience, drive and grasp of the company’s work had landed her on the job. “He said it was the quickest hiring decision he had ever made,” says Boyle.

Describe your typical workday.
“In a start-up you always experience something new and life happens fast around you,” says Boyle. The workday usually starts for Boyle by staying on top of the online buzz about Lijit. She also checks the site’s stats to see how many people have signed up for the search engine service. “I like to keep tabs on our users and our brand,” says Boyle. While Boyle is not meeting face-to-face with her clients, developing relationships and having excellent people skills is essential.

Internally, Boyle meets with the business development and marketing team. She is involved with the technical end in helping to customize the search for larger sites. “This allows my inner geek to shine!” says Boyle.

Today’s online business environment also requires excellent attention to customer service which is what Boyle aims to provide. “I strive to be personal and ‘available’ for our bloggers so at any given time I have about 70 conversations going on with current or potential Lijit users.” Boyle describes her position as “a mix of customer support, marketing, and direct conversations regarding Lijit.”

What are your regular responsibilities and duties?
“I forge new relationships with online publishers and bloggers, manage existing relationships, and help to contribute to Lijit's growth and reach with more bloggers using Lijit's search service,” said Boyle. Boyle also promotes, or “evangelizes” in start-up speak, Lijit’s services through vehicles such as Twitter and her own blog.

By taking on an expanded workload, Boyle also created an identity for herself at the company: “I have also become a trusted voice for Lijit,” she says. “On my own, I help arrange online pieces about Lijit with my new users as well as set up press interviews with influential marketers and bloggers, with our CEO, Todd. This wasn't part of my job description, but with my background in public relations and wanting to go beyond the call of duty.”

She tries to stay one step ahead of her boss, anticipating his next move and completing tasks ahead of time (probably also a good strategy for foosball).

Who tells you what to do? Are there opportunities to exercise some creative freedom in your line of work?
The culture at Lijit is one of sharing ideas and encouraging open conversation, learning, teamwork, innovation and cooperation housed in a lively, lime green office. “Each of us at Lijit respects the other and there isn't a hierarchy,” says Boyle. “I can walk into our COO's office, Walter ask him a direct question or take a break by playing on our foosball table.”

What is the best part of your job?
Through her work, Boyle gets to follow the many threads of conversation happening online. “Whether it's a gourmet cake blogger, an expat in Italy or a blogger who writes about crafts gone wrong around the world, I still maintain a connection with each of [the bloggers using Lijit],” says Boyle.

Through her work, Boyle recently connected with her Italian heritage through a blog called Bleeding Espresso. The writer, Michelle Cabrio is living in Calabria, Italy where Boyle’s family is from. “Not only did I help to customize her Lijit search and she wrote a blog post about Lijit and me, but we've become friends,” says Boyle. “I am very passionate about Italy and I've been able to connect with someone living and breathing a little piece of my dream.”

What or who inspired you to get into this line of work?
There were many people in her academic and professional life who inspired Boyle to pursue a career in business. Gregor Barnum, Boyle’s boss for an internship with Seventh Generation has an offbeat and intriguing job title of his own: Director of Corporate Consciousness.
He got Boyle blogging for the company’s website. “I learned html, edited the blog, and worked directly with their blogging team.” At school, a professor of Internet marketing, Elaine Young taught Boyle to understand online tools for businesses.

Is there something that makes you stand out in your position?
Boyle lets her passion for her job show through her had work, perseverance and positive attitude. “Everyday, I think, what can I do differently? I ask questions and stay hungry. I never turn down a challenge,” says Boyle.

Knowing that it would be a good contribution to Lijit, she recently went beyond the call of duty by creating an orientation package for a new hire. “Sometimes it's the little things you do to fill the gaps that go a long way,” says Boyle.

“To be good at my job you have to be personal, motivated, creative, highly organized, adept at negotiating and maintaining relationships, Internet savvy, a bit geeky, and a multi-tasking extrordinare,” says Boyle.

Where would you like to go from here?
“I really got into blogging when I began at Lijit, so I want to continue that personally, but would love to work for another start-up, specifically in technology and social media. I'm very happy at Lijit, so I'm not looking too far ahead but I broadly see myself running online marketing and social media for a company in the future.”

What advice would you give someone who is trying to break into a career like yours?
“Walk the talk,” says Boyle. “I came into Lijit with a blog, Twitter account and my Lijit search set up. I was the target audience and did my research because I knew what Lijit did. I have an innate passion for connecting and building relationships and any business development professional needs those qualities to succeed.”

A little realistic self-assessment can also go a long way in creating a clear sense of career purpose and drive. “I also think it's very important to know your strengths and weaknesses,” says Boyle. “A lot of people say that, but by knowing them you understand how to work and can articulate to the company how you will personally make them better.”

Any links that you recommend?

Chris Brogan: Social Media Business Strategy and more
Modite: Career and Life Advice
Brazen Careerist: This site, run by the founder of three start-ups, has articles and tips, and includes a profile of Boyle herself.
Lijit's Company Blog: "What we do, who we are and company culture," says Boyle.
Conversation Agent: Connecting Ideas and People

Dear Boulder

My friends at are putting together a collective list from local Boulder bloggers on "What Does Boulder Mean To You? Of course I wanted to participate, because the very premise of this community project is part of why I love Boulder.

Dear Boulder,

You enticed me so much, I packed up my car (job-less and apartment-less), drove across the country and decided to call you my home this past August 2008. Here I am, March 2009 with a job I love, nestled in the start-up, tech community living in a house looking out at the Flatirons, just moments from hiking trails.

For this and many more reasons, I want to thank you for:

Your Community: It's eclectic by being mixed with locals and transplants who want a life with more balance and harmony. There's a surge of power here. People ask how you're doing and care to hear the answer. Upon moving here alone, I didn't feel alone because I found many groups and organizations focused on niche interests from Boulder Outdoor Group to New Tech Meetup.

Your Weather and Geographical Location: Nice spot to land. You're nestled so nicely against the Flatiron mountains and the Rockies are just at your back. I can snowboard each weekend on some of the country's best resorts within a few hours or hike moments from my front door. With 300+ days of sunshine and summers that are not humid (coming from New England this is amazing), it's a deal breaker in itself.

Technology, Wit and Smarts Oh My!: As I work for Lijit Networks, Inc., I'm thick in the midst of the start-up and technology scene. There's a lot of intelligence and creativity weaving through Boulder. The pulse is beating. There's something in the air and it's not just based around technology. It's no wonder The American calls Boulder the, "Start-Up Town."

Delicious Morsels: Mmm, from The Black Cat to Mountain Sun the culinary range makes a foodie like myself happy, rivaling other city's cuisine selection, per Boulder's capita.

Thank you again Boulder and all that you have given and supported me. Your fresh air, beauty and intelligent people keep me going each day.

Yours truly,



Current Projects

I'm busy and involved, but have always been like that and thrive off the power I generate. This is why taking on two blog/online projects on top of my full-time job, working with Ladies Who Launch, helping my mother market her women's retreat to Italy, meetups and everything else that happens in life, isn't daunting (yet).

These projects came organically and spontaneously, plus they're dear to my heart. The first one, I've already announced: A Photo a Day in March and today marks week one complete. I will say it's exciting what you begin to see when you're looking through the lens of your camera daily. You can see these photos in my Flickr stream here.

The second project came to me organically, but often when ideas come to me like this they're the most creative and uninhibited. I'm starting a series on my blog with Generation Y powerhouses sharing and guest blogging here on: What Inspires You?

I began to think about all the amazing Generation Y babies I've been meeting and our exchanges have always been poignant. I thought, "Wow, we interact so differently than our parents do, and the things that make us tick and wake up in the morning are inherently different than that of other generations." Then light bulb. I want to bring those answers all together here, through a sharing series of guest-blog posts. I've left the creation up to them, about 300-500 words describing in any way, What Inspires You? I've reached out directly to a group of Generation Y friends and bloggers worldwide and the responses have been very positive. The first batch are being written as I type, however, I want to open the floor and invitation. If you are interested in the project or know someone who would be, then please e-mail me: gracekboyle at gmail dot com I would love to connect and share our inspirational ideals as a community and powerful generation.

Stay tuned, spread the word and of course, your feedback and thoughts are always welcome!


Friday Linky Love

I love lists--making and reading them. This week ironically, I started finding some great top 10 lists that are current so I thought I would keep this week into the theme. So enjoy and happy Friday!
1. Elephant Journal-10 Great Eleanor Roosevelt Quotes
2. Entrepreneur-Top 10 Reasons to Start Up in the Recession
3. Courant- Top 10 Ways 2009 Is Better Than 1999
4. Ad Age- Top 10 Media and Marketing Books of All Time
5. TheLadders-Top 10 Criteria That Make or Break A Resume
6. Cats Who Code- Top 10 Thesis Theme Customizations
7. Traveling the Green Way- Top 10 U.S. Cities For Vacation Value
8. NY Times- The 10 Best Books of 2008
9. Gigaom- Top 10 Tech Companies That Pay Engineers the Most
10. Thomas Joos- My Top 10 iPhone Applications

Photo Credit: Ella's Dad


Feauturing the Designs of an Illustrating Genius, Mateu Velasco

For the past few years I've been enamored by Brazilian illustrator, Mateu Velasco's designs and edgy artwork. His graffiti-like work, uses bold colors while often depicting raw and edgy stories, faces and people. Caesar Lima from Pixel Blog describes Velasco's varied skill from "canvas, to street corner, to beach wall, Velasco's work permeates art and street culture with a humor and grace we can't get enough of."

I've used Velasco's print as my background on my Twitter page and I got such positive feedback and intrigue from Twitter friends that I decided to reach out to him directly. I let him know how his work inspires me and that I would love to feature some of his work on my blog. He promptly responded, with humility and gratitude--so refreshing and real. Velasco kindly accepted my offer, so from the artist himself, I've featured some of my favorite pieces (labeled by his Flickr sets) but to give him due credit, please check out his Flickr page where his collections are featured.




gravura digital
formato A2

r u a

no processo






serigrafia sobre kraft


100 x 100 cm

Like what you see? Tell me what you think and if you know other designers and illustrators, I would love to hear of them.


Google Me

Ji Lee, the creative director of Google Creative Lab in NY created this card. I've seen it done before. The idea is slick (maybe cocky?) but catches my attention and is different. I think this is a testament to your personal brand. How do you represent yourself online? If someone Google's you, do the right site's appear? Is there a WWF wrestler with the same name as you that trumps your own content?
I think it's important to keep this in check. Periodically I Google myself, narcissistic you say? Think about how you want to be represented when prospective companies do a little Google check or the cred you're building for yourself. It's important.

What about you? How's your personal brand stacking up?

Photo Credit: PicoCool


A Photo A Day In March

March is my birthday month (the 13th to be exact) so as Spring is on its way, I have decided to do a photo-a-day for March. Inspired by my dear Tall Tara and her Project 365 (my goals aren't that lofty) I'm going to try a month and see where I land and what I learn.

The rules are loose:
-Photos will be taken with my Kodak12X IS

-Photos can be of anything or anyone, but only one photo a day

-After each week I will upload the 7 photos onto my
Flickr stream (unedited)
-I plan to update via blog about 2-3 times

-At the end of the month, I'm going to post my favorites and reflect

So for March 1st, my first photo:
March 1st-Rachael's breakfast birthday candle surprise.

Way to start off my birthday month with another happy birthday, her face is so precious here. Plus, who has ever seen a candle in an omelet? ;)