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The Music of Inspiration

A new friend, fellow Iowa blogger and social media "conversationalist," Mike Sansone at ConverStations recently posted this video by grammy-award filmaker, Mark Johnson. The musical project Johnson has created, connects people from around the world, bringing together different global musical styles to create one beautiful vision. The film, Playing for Change took ten years to document. When talking about the driving force for the film, Johnson says it was, "to find a way to inspire the planet to come together as a human race. We wanted to focus on our connections rather than all of our differences. We believe music can break down the walls and barriers between cultures and raise the level of human understanding and connection."

This follows one of my deepest passion that we are all connected on a global scale. So watch this inspiring video and share it if you feel so inclined.

Eventually, everything connects-people, ideas, objects. The quality of these connections is the key to a well lived life. -Charles Eames


  1. What an absolutely beautiful video. Thanks so much for making it. I have an uplifting and inspirational message and music blog. I will post on there.

    All the best,
    Eliana Gilad
    Founder, Voices of Eden
    Ancient Healing & Transformational Music

  2. @Eliana: Thank you so much for your kind words. This, I'm sure was the filmmaker Mark Johnson's intent--to inspire and uplift. I'm glad you're going to re-post the video, your blog is great and I love what you're doing. If I come across other work like this, I will be sure to pass it along to you.