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Sweet, Good Lovins

All right, all right. This momentous, long election is over and even I am a bit tired of all the ranting, raving, talk and soliciting. I think the Obama's probably called me about 10 times in the last two days before the election. Nonetheless, I am still ecstatic that he won.

This isn't about analyzing his speech or the upcoming long and hard years we have to face in reformation and climbing out the economic hole we're in. I just wanted to share this photo and sideshow posted by The Huffington Post called "The Obama's Greatest PDA Moments." I'm into authenticity and anywhere there is love, I'm drawn to it. Here is one of my favorite moments between the Obama's. For the rest of the slide show find it here.


  1. Thanks for sharing the love. Isn't loving a President a fun (and rare) experience. Thanks for the 'blog love,' Miss Berman.