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Hitting the sweet spot at Sugar(loaf)

This past week and weekend was a little nuts. I started my new job, Adam left for Europe (last minute hostel booking and 'ah, what do I pack'?!), and then my friend from college, Sara flew in for some visitation love.
Sweet Sara-Sushi on my lunch break downtown

As a native upstate New Yorker, (let me clarify that Upstate is not Poughkeepsie, this is so upstate that she sees the Canadian border control at her house up in Champlain, NY) Sara had never been to Colorado. Needless to say, we were in full tourist mode. I pretended that I hadn't been here for only a month, and was the best tour guide (really, I was)!

We hit up Happy Hour Margs at the Rio (limit of three, they're so strong), Farmers Market, shopped Pearl Street, shopped the Hill (Sara needed a Colorado shirt), out in Denver for the night with friends, hiked Sugarloaf*, got pedicures, and went to the Celestial Seasoning tour (free entry, free tea). I'm exhausted, as we got up at 5:00 AM this morning to drive her to the airport. But it was such a packed weekend, I am not complaining, plus I had Miss Sara by my side!
Sara, Mikie, and me
*Sugarloaf was beautiful. I would say round trip it isn't longer than an hour, but the view is 360 degrees in all directions. East is Boulder and the plains, where you can see forever and Denver in the distance. North West you can see the looming rockies, up in the sky covered in snow. It was breathtaking, silent, and not crowded. If you want a beautiful panoramic view, with a not too strenuous hike but want to get outside, I would definitely recommend Sugarloaf.
Looking out from the top of Sugarloaf. Snowcapped mountains.

Sara & I owning. Looking out over Boulder...I think I see Nebraska.


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