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Too Lijit, Too Lijit To Quit

Drum roll please...yesterday I started my job at Lijit .

Lijit is a hot start-up in downtown Boulder, Colorado that offers a free service to publishers (mostly bloggers). This is how is works: We offer a search-powered web application that allows readers to access all of the publishers' online social media content (ie: Flickr, Facebook, Delicious, Twitter, your blog, etc.) We also include your extended trusted network in this search. This means when someone does a search, they will get results from your blog, all your online content, and the content of your network. It's a much more personalized and relevant search component. If people are coming back to your blog because they trust what you're writing, they will also trust what you're bookmarking and writing about in the wild world of the WWW.

I'm doing Business Development and personally reaching out to Bloggers, and segmenting who we're forging new relationships with. I love the environment, the people are great, it's a progressive start-up, and right now at my desk, I have a view of the mountains and downtown Boulder!

Regarding landing the job, as I talk with Career Services at Champlain, I say network, network, and then lots of research. I didn't even know they were specifically hiring, but then the fit for Business Development ended up being just right. In the morning I met with Micah Baldwin, VP of Business Development to chat about the 'local market' and see if he knew of any employment opportunities. It turned into an impromptu interview with the COO, Walter, and that same day (Friday the 12th), I was hired, and Monday the 15th I began work.

Here's an office tour of our downtown digs. This was a little while ago, so there are recent renovations and new decorations but you get the idea. Tara, one of my colleagues in the Biz. Dev. team (her title is Community Catalyst) is the wonderful hostess. Enjoy!

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  1. Hey Grace,

    Publishers Union of Bloggers currently advise Publishers hold off installing any Lijit Software on their blogs pending both Lijit’s promised upcoming transparency from Lijit concerning revenue and Lijit's current 'terms of use' which gives Lijit free reign concerning use of your content once our Publishers install Lijit Software into their blog.

    Any thoughts on these critical issues for Pub's, pass it on, all appreciate it.

    Founder, P.U.B.

  2. Barney,

    I take my comment space seriously, as my readers would be posting relevant information and remarks to what I'm writing and talking about.

    Lijit has addressed this issue and specific comment here:

    Thank you.