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Sarah Palin + Social Networking

With Alaskan Republican Governor Sarah Palin, selected by John McCain as his running mate for this upcoming, pivotal election there's been a lot of hype surrounding the choice. Personal politics aside, the intriguing part to me is the way the web and media has taken to Sarah Palin's recent position.
Check out my fellow respected bloggers, Elaine Young, a Professor at Champlain College and Adam Fullerton an Internet Marketer phenom, both of which have been following the web 2.0 tail of Sarah.

Young's take on Palin is maybe she should run with the "Little Known Facts" from Twitter-even use it in her ads ie: the witty ones. I believe this could help leverage beneficial public relations, but then again, this is an uncontrolled form of media...

In Fullerton's most recent post he makes a notable point where he says, "I don't think anyone in the Republican party has ever even heard of Twitter," and that means the Republicans "won't lose any "loyal Bush-ies" from this press."

We'll have to see where this takes her, but with my public relations mind running this is still coverage and publicity for Palin. With continual updates, and the viral nature of social media, the action and evaluation steps in the near future will be interesting to keep tabs on for the success (or not) of John McCain and Sarah Palin's public appearance.


  1. Hey, thanks for the shout! Great article, very concise. I agree with one of your final sentiments, there is no such thing as bad press.
    Interesting side note, last night Steven Colbert on his show, The Colbert Report made mention of Sarah Palin performing a super-human Alaskan feat, did the Tweme reach cable?

  2. Hi Grace,

    Thanks for the thorough report and the photographs. Keep up the good work.