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New Discoveries, Connections, and Friends

"Buy the ticket, take the ride."
-Hunter S. Thompson

I came out to Boulder about three weeks ago, based on an intuitive notion. I had no place to live or work, and generally no friends. I left all my hometown and recent college friends behind. I live for that kind of adventure, and with my strong sense of focus, experience, and determination I knew things would work out. So far, it has worked out splendidly. IE: New, amazing house, great roomies, realizing I have many friends in Boulder, meeting new friends, networking opportunities, and promising job potentials.
At a new favorite spot, The Med, with old friends. Helena Meyer, mom, me, and Bob Meyer.

My (prior) babysitter from childhood who stayed with us for five years, (I was 1 and she was 13 when she started) now lives out here with her husband Doug, and beautiful daughter, Lauren. I was also in their wedding, so I feel especially lucky to have them here. Lauren is 7 and my new best friend. It's like being with someone my age, her maturity and wit surprises me each day. We're going to keep it in the tradition, as I now babysit and play with Lauren.
Lauren, Heather, Me (three generations)

In addition, I have two good friends from Fairfield that go to University of Colorado, Mike and Katie. We've reunited, and they've been my "wing man/woman". I have also found many friends from my world travels and even hometown that have somehow ended up here, or have rolled through. One of which would include my kindred spirit, and best friend Camie Bargerstock who passed through here on her similarly adventurous move to California. Check out her inspiring blog, here.
Altitude adjustment while hiking Royal Arches

Camie and I overlooking Boulder-At the top ofRoyal Arches at Chautauqua (trailhead is my backyard)!

Moral of my story today: The world really is my family, and six degrees of separation is a daily experience in my life here. Discovering old and new friends is a humbling and exciting process.

Fairfield, Iowa friends. Mani, Katie, me, and Camie downtown Boulder-Connecting the Dots

As Camie so eloquently put it: "Finding little gems in the places you least expect is a secret in life. Everyday I am learning to be more present with reality and more clarified with intention. Sometimes its scary to change circumstances so quickly. And it is now too. But I'm just not entertaining that fear today..."

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  1. I'm staying updated on your adventures and I'm sure you're well aware. Good things come to those who are patient...and wonderful. Let's rendezvous again asap please and thanks.