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Change: First of all, I wanted to note the change in my blog design. The new logo art is by one of my favorite designers, Mateu. It provides fresh perspective heading into the Colorado winter season.
Photo courtesy of Rocky Mountain News, Matt McClain

Second, this morning I took the opportunity to hear Obama speak one last time (live) before before the November 4th election. The rally was held in Denver's Civic Center Park, under a blue sky and fresh crisp air with 100,000+ supporters. Talk about inspirational. The event almost equaled the surge of power that I experienced at Invesco in August when he accepted his nomination to run for President. For me, it wasn't so much about what was being said, if you pay attention at all to this election-debates, speeches, or the media the facts are known. It was more about the collective attention and consciousness of everyone there. From a statistics perspective for Colorado, Rocky Mountain News/CBS 4's poll published that Obama had a 12-point lead in a survey of 500 registered voters.

Check out the pictures and videos below. It might give scope to how many people were there and the exuberant energy everyone possessed. For more rally pictures check out my Flickr stream here. Watch for this first video as Obama steps onto stage and the cheering begins...

My friend Denise and I making our way through the massive crowd


  1. Funny that we were so close to each other during this rally....and yet, so very far away!

    I totally agree with you on soaking up the collective vibe. The Obama event was the first political rally I've been to since high school and I suppose, the first that I've REALLY wanted to attend. Just standing among all those different people and joining together for a common cause, I felt blessed, optimistic, and hopeful.

  2. There definitely is something different in the air with this election, candidates, rallies and where we are as a Nation.

    Maybe we walked by each other in Denver. Probably, because it was nuts. People were in the trees and atop light poles. We'll see what happens November 4th, eh?