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The List (revised via Miss Bargerstock)

As we have officially transitioned into the Fall season, I think it's appropriate to create a list of things that keep us going, inspire, and make us cock our head slightly to the side and ponder...

One of my dearest friends, Miss Bargerstock over at Saint Thanatos posted her version of The List. I couldn't agree more (with most of them) but I decided to tailor the list, adding to the love.

Miss Bargerstock's List as she denotes, "some things are worth the sight:"

1) Real jack rabbits
2) Squirrels rocking it in the fields digging holes and scurrying
3) The perfect mango, hedgehog-style
4) Waking up before your alarm
5) Talking to customer service for too long
6) Gentlemen
7) Smiles from passing cars
8) Looking at things you cannot understand but other people do: mathematical equations, Big Macs, fruit flies and their general existence, germs, clutter.
9) Billy Blanks Tai Bo Bootcamp DVDs hiding in my desk never to be taken out from sheer embarrassment.
10) Body language in the checkout line.
11) Do you like making lists?
12) Nothing is more satisfying than a list, and crossing them off.
13) When I was thirteen I had no idea that my life would be what it is right now. "Not Knowing" is always worth it.

Grace's Addition:
14) Eye contact with a stranger
15) Failing and mistakes
16) A genuine smile that can't be held back
17) Receiving a hand-written letter or card in the mail (I firmly believe in this lost art...)
18) Realizing or experiencing the 6 degrees of separation phenomenon (it's real and affirmative)
19) Experiencing the sort of silence that's deafeningly loud
20) Belly gripping laughter
21) Intelligently progressive coffee talk
22) The feeling you get as the plane takes off on the runway, as you head off to...
23) Checking off your list
24) Giving is living
25) Gentlemen, chivalrous ones
26) The feeling of deep, fresh powder as your board (or ski's) slice through it
27) The journey not the destination
28) Deja vu (really, what's up with that?)
29) People that ask how you are, then care to hear the answer
30) Perfected sarcastic wit (it's an inherent skill, not acquired)
31) Seeing the exchange between lovers when they think no one else is watching

What's on your list?


  1. Your additions are better than the original.

  2. Hey Brian,

    Thanks. I try :) Have any additions to the list?