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A Lijit Event

I started off this weekend with a Lijit company outing to race go-karts at The Track At Centennial. Although I wasn't the prized winner (didn't come in first, didn't come in last) I think I had the most spin outs. Does that show I'm fast, reckless, but also fearless? Probably. Either way, it was exhilarating and a great way for our hard working team to get out, release, have fun, exercise some competitive juices, and of course enjoy. Check out Jeff's Flickr stream of photos and Daniel's Picasa pictures from the shenanigans (my personal favorite are the racing outfits some of us chose to wear-we weren't messing around).

Photo's Courtesy of Flickr: jkriese


  1. Nice photos. Showed them to my kids as they love karting. One is 13 and the other 9. Think they are too young to compete? They did ask me a question though. What is your karts' number? :)

  2. Probably a little too young to compete, those karts went fast! But hey, the exhilaration and level of fun you can have on them are unparalleled. Maybe start on karts that don't go up to 65 MPH (like ours did)!

    Oh, and tell them I don't remember my number as we switched karts each time. Let's just say I was the number in front of the pack each time :)