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Voting Rights

Currently, I am still registered in the state of Iowa. I caucused in the primary as first in the nation back in January (see pictures below) so I decided to have an absentee ballot sent out to Colorado for this Presidential election one last time before I changed my registration.
Caucusing in Iowa as a family-"All in favor, raise your hand and say I" Old school politicking.

For more on Iowa's primary and my direct pivotally, political experience, check out my mom's blog post on it.

So, today on October 3rd I carefully took a black, ballpoint pen and filled in my party vote. I couldn't believe with all the preparation, debates, media, primaries, and promotion led up to this piece of highly important cardstock. Nonetheless, it felt good. I'm hopeful for this election, and already on the edge of my seat.

I've hand my 'hands' in this upcoming election more than any other one in the past. I actively caucused in Iowa as the first major electoral event for nominating the future President of the United States, and as Iowa was an important state I was fortunate enough to see candidates coming through my small hometown frequently to speak. I then worked the Democratic National Convention this August in Denver. In addition, Colorado is now a pertinent swing state in determining the election so it seems I have conveniently found myself in prime positions for this election (Iowa, now to Colorado). Which of course, I will be keeping you posted. Good luck on voting, register as there's still time left. November 4th, 2008-Until then...

Excitedly being an absentee ballot voter (I'm impatient by nature, so this way I didn't have to wait).


  1. So glad you are a young person who cares about the future of our country. Your generation will be inheriting an economic crisis, so I hope you inspire others to vote.

  2. I think there are a lot of young voters out there who are inspired...that or frustrated. Maybe both go hand in hand, especially where we are right now. Thanks for your comment, and of course, your inspiration at the happiness zone.

  3. Ah! Mine hasn't made it to Ireland yet... Although I'm not sure when I talked to the guy at City Hall I knew my address. Hmmm, I'll have to call him, haha. Glad to keep up with you in Colorado! Definitely send me info. about Italy! I am SOOO excited!