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Led By Inspiration

I have grown up with both parents working in interesting occupations. My Father, is a certified Gemologist and my Mother, a Transformational Life Coach.
Lenora (Ma) teaching at a Women's Conference, April 2008

Jay (Dad) in Thailand, examining a Yellow Sapphire

Nonetheless, I've grown tremendously from their varied knowledge. Ie: Traveling to Thailand with my Father on a gemstone buying trip (from Bangkok to the jungle). As my father owns his own gemstone business, he also is the Senior Gemstone Buyer for Jewelry Television (JTV) an American television network similar to Home Shopping. JTV is one of the top 15 largest jewelry retailers in the world and it is the world's largest retailer of loose gemstones. I always say my future husband is going to have no problem getting me the 'rock' of my choice :) Thanks, pops.
Dad in Moguk, Burma near the Ruby mines. A 7 hour truck ride up the mountain to reach the rare and hardly visited mine.

With my father's gemstone expertise he travels directly to the source (South America, Thailand, Burma, etc.) to find natural, precious gemstones. He also goes live on JTV often (over 65 million live viewers nationwide) to speak about the latest stones. I enjoy watching him speak in his Calvin Klein tuxedo because it's humorous to me, but I also learn a thing or two and of course "ooh" and "aah," even though I grew up working in his business with gemstones of all rarities.

Check out his bright pink tux vest and recent insights on Tanzanite here. And of course, if you're interested in a gemstone or know who to contact.


  1. We're proud of the work you're doing too.
    You go girl! Mom and Dad

  2. Thanks guys. A blog post never would do you two justice, but it's somethin' right? Missing and loving you both.

  3. Its really sounds great that your father is the the senior gemstone buyer for Jewelry Television.

  4. @Maria thanks for your kind words, it is really great to have him working at Jewelry Television. If you ever would like any jewelery, don't hesitate to contact me :)