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The 'Spooky' Blogosphere

Since I grew up with web 2.0 in my back pocket (if you will) terms and sites like blogging, SEO, social media, Flickr and tweeting are part of my everyday jargon.

My friends make fun of my technical antics and I try to tell them there are people far geekier than I am, but they just don't understand. Nonetheless, that is why I feel so at home working at Lijit. We're a group of intelligent progressive people, but geek tech talk is discussed over lunch just like people talk about shopping or the movies: OPML files, ad networks, pageviews...I love it!

I wanted to give a shout out to some of my fellow (newish) Lijiters as one of my favorite co-workers, Tara wrote a great post on what we do and what we write about. Having your individual voice is important in the wild west world of the web. Check out her newest post with the newest Lijit additions and blogs at I Quit For Lijit, "All In A Day's Work, The Office Edition..."

I will be posting on our company blog soon about the beauty of Lijit' s office, what we do, how we do it, and the fun we have along the way. Stay tuned...

Cheers and Happy Halloween (boo).


  1. yeeaaah son. web 2.0 jargon can be overwhelming, especially for the nubes. oh by the way, obama anyone? progress.

  2. Yes, yes yes we can. I try to pick 2-3 web 2.0 tools, stick with them and really let them progress. Don't dabble in 30 different ones, it's better to work out amongst a few and be strong. Quality, not quantity.

  3. You're lucky! I say "blog" around here and people wonder what the heck I'm talking about. Now imagine if I started talking about things like twitter and everything else. Ha!

    Could it be a little overwhelming at first? Sure it can. But it's what I enjoy...when you enjoy it, it's that much easier to talk about with others.

  4. I can only imagine! It's definitely a whole other world out there for social media, but it's true. You gotta do what you love and love what you do. Thanks for the kudos, I'll be keeping up with you out in the social media 'sphere :)