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Crowded Ink's Twitter Mug

I'm a geek. I'm also a big fan of SWAG. So when the holiday season rolled around and I stumbled across CrowdedInk's Friends Twitter Mug on (gasp) Twitter, I immediately thought of my geeky counterpart, @fullyadam and knew the gift had to be his. Plus, I liked their tag line, "We put friends on your stuff like ev-ery-day."

Here's the scoop: you enter whichever Twitter name you're giving the mug to, next each image of their Twitter friends is generated onto the mug. Then you're able to check out how it looks with multiple viewing options and you can customize it to add text or move around where all the pictures are placed. If you're satisfied (you will be), you check out through Zazzle, and you purchase your personalized Twitterati mug for only $14.00. My mug arrived in about 5 business days and I have to say through their Twitter Handle @CrowdedInk and personalized e-mails I received their customer service is fantastic!

So think of Valentine's day around the corner for your geeky lover or upcoming birthdays, then think about CrowdedInk and their special, personalized gift. See photos below.


  1. I think it is hilarious that out of all the people on the mugmy friend Matt Cutler's face is right in the middle of the picture. That is the epitome of a small world.

  2. @fullyadam (mentioned in the blog post, as it's his mug) works for Matt Cutler at Visible Measures in Boston. Small world, eh? I know lots of Bostonians :)