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15 Blog Reads for 2009

As the new year rolled around I began to clean out my RSS feeds by deleting the blogs I don't find useful, while adding new, fresh innovative thinkers to my list.
My iGoogle RSS reader (not a fan of tabs on the left)

Through my work at Lijit, I deal with hundreds of blogs each week so I stumble across quite a lot which helps me build my personal reading list of blogs. With that being said, I've created a nice list of some new (and old) favorites worth sharing:

1) Conversation Agent: Not only do I like Valeria because of her Italian heritage ;) but her powerful writing and voice helps build communities through marketing, public relations and communications.

2) HubSpot's Inbound Internet Marketing Blog: I love these Cambridge, Massachusetts based Internet Marketing guru's and I think they do an excellent job on their corporate blog. In addition, one of my favorite Friday afternoon pastimes is to watch HubSpot TV at 4 PM EST with @mvolpe and @karenrubin for new marketing tips of the week.

3) Silicon Alley Insider: "Digital business, live." They're the pulse Silicon Valley where I find the latest tech and new media news.

4) Media Savvy Leader, David Henderson: "Veteran communications strategist, author, online publisher, adjunct professor, and Emmy Award winning former CBS Network News correspondent." David covers topics from Twitter to national leadership.

5) Chip Chick: As a chick in tech, sometimes its hard to get a voice in through the male dominated field. Chip chick fills a need by covering tech and gadgets from a girl's perspective.

6) Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg is a "social media consultant and tech geek at heart." Whoever dubs themselves as a geek is fine by me, I feel the affinity Tamar and thanks for all the geeky tech reviews!

7) Drew's Marketing Minute: A fellow Iowan and 'top dog at McLellan Marketing Group' Drew regularly writes about blogging, marketing and branding. I also like his extensive agency background, which he often writes about.

8) Altitude Branding: "Altitude is a social media and marketing firm founded by Amber Naslund," and she blogs about branding, social media and the buzz around that scene.

9) Max Gladwell: Rob at Max Gladwell combines two of my favorite topics: social media and green living. Worth reading in these times...

10) Technosailor: Lead Editor, Aaron Brazell is not only my friend, but he has a great blog with multiple contributors where "technology and real life merge." Tune in with @technosailor and his new media and tech updates, he's on top of it.

11) Web Urbanist: I had to include a design and art blog on this list. WU features "urban street art, abandoned places and amazing designs" I don't know where they find their material, but each day something new and fantastic is featured. I'm always pleasantly surprised and artistically inspired.

12) Lawrence Lessig: No surprise here. Lessig is a Professor of Law at Stanford Law School and founder of the school's Center for Internet and Society. His insights on web 2.0, politics, technology and news are trustworthy and valid.

13) Non-Profit Marketing, Nancy E. Schwartz: Nancy covers the non-fluff truth around ideas, tactics and tips for nonprofit communicators "on helping their organizations succeed through effective marketing." Having worked at a non-profit for the past two years, they're dear to my heart and I think this blog would benefit anyone in the field.

14) Personal Branding Blog, Dan Schawbel: Dan is truly an expert on building your personal brand. Along with me (and some fresh young bloggers), he is part of the Young Professional blog network. I appreciate his regular posts, filled with relevant branding information and tools to help you or your business grow.

15) Amateur Traveler Blog: I had to end on this note: "Travel for the love of it." The Amateur Traveler, by Chris Christensen features travel resources, tips, stories, videos and ideas. It is also a companion site for the Amateur Traveler podcast. Ever since I got on my first overseas plane when I was 2 years-old I've had the travel bug and if my feet aren't movin', at least I can read Amateur Traveler.

I hope you've enjoyed my list. It's eclectic and maybe you already read some of them. If not, scope them out. I promise they're worth it. What are your favorite blogs for 2009? Please share.


  1. This is a great post and illustrates the need to diversify your online media intake. I would recommend this list to anyone who wants to stay current in this space, kudos!

  2. @Adam thanks for the kudos. Did you gain any new blogs to your RSS from this list? Have anyone else to add? Please share :)