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A Stylishly Hip, USB Drive

Stylehive features some great technology products, most of which a stylishly hip but definitively geeky gal like myself gets excited about. This evening I stumbled across the Mimoco USB Flash Drive. I'm all about organization and whether it means transporting documents or having your favorite music and photos in one place, I can't live without my USB flash drive. Mine however, is bland and looks like yours probably. So by blending together my technologically driven life with a little design edge, the Mimoco USB flash drive strives to combine both. Take a look at the two below, you don't even know what they are at first. Right?
Photo Credit: Stylehive

Some of the features I like:
-Includes protoHoodie keychain accessory which makes for great portability
- Look and feel ranges from Star Wars to limited Artist Series, so you can be sure your flash drive stands out from everyone else's
-Compatible with Mac & Windows


  1. @pinkie aren't they? I love little gadgets like this with a stylish flair!

  2. How awesome are these! Love it. Putting it on my supply list right now... :)

  3. @Rebecca, I know they really stand out and they're fresh on the market! Let me know if you get one:)