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Andy Nulman Brings the Pow! Surprise

A new found friend, blogger, enthusiastic entrepreneur and POW! Right Between the Eyes author, Andy Nulman is giving away 200 free copies of his book. He simply outlined that each of the 200 bloggers who request the book, link back to his site, list their address and POW! his book will appear on your doorstep. It's an offer I couldn't refuse.

So Andy, with my passion for marketing and spontaneous surprises, I am kindly requesting a copy of your book. I'm sure it's going to be a great read and I love what you're doing here to involve bloggers, nice little surprise tactic.

Kindly send the book to:
Lijit Networks, Inc.
C/O Grace Boyle
1050 Walnut Street, Suite 340
Boulder, CO 80302

Thanks for the tip Andy and best of luck with launching your book this year! If you want to join in on the fun, follow the link here for instructions.


  1. What a pleasure to hear from you, Grace. I owe you and Lijit a massive rave! Until then, sit tight for a few weeks and the book will be at your door. And in the meantime, keep checking Pow! Who knows what other surprises are in store for these books?


  2. @Andy thanks, knowing your surprise tactics I'm sure you have something in store. But of course, I have no idea what! Thanks for stopping by and I will let you know when I get the book. We're always happy you're Lijit, but patience is a virtue (that we have)! Cheers.