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Customer Service Goes a Long Way

Customer service. Seems pretty easy, right? Be personal, listen to your customers, follow-up, create a general sense of friendliness and validate why they, your customers, use your service or brand. Unfortunately, I think it's one of the hardest 'actions' to be consistent in.

I'm not talking about fireworks. Sometimes it's the simple little things that companies do to make their customer feel special. I just experienced one such customer service approach that I had to share:

Since I've relocated to Boulder, I've been grabbing new doctors, mechanics, and dentists. Through a recommendation, I've gone with Boulder Dental Group. I set up a consultation and regular teeth cleaning for next month and within a week I received a large manila envelope from them. Perplexed I tore the envelope open with my bubbling wonderment. Inside was a kind, "welcome" letter that told me exactly what to expect on my first visit to their office (partof this included a tour of the office before my teeth cleaning)! Then with clear branding on some 'dental SWAG' they included chapstick, a pen, post-its and a personalized appointment card. Wow.
Not a lot of work to put together, but it made me feel like I made the right choice. It made me feel welcome and it evoked a warm feeling inside of me. Definitely something any small business and especially a Dentist would want to do. Bravo, Boulder Dental Group.

What are some examples of customer service you've experienced recently that have wowed you?

February 12th Update: There are a lot of good conversations going on in the comments, including reader's exceptional experience with customer service and the not to so good ones. Join in!

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