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Friday Linky Love

Welcome Friday and my second Linky Love! Although I'm not a big advocate of Valentine's Day I've ran across some humorous and interesting tid-bits around the holiday itself, so look for the love in some of the links. Happy weekending.

Photo Credit: Lall

1. Modite: Real Life Disclosures on the Myth of Work/Life Balance
2. Altitude Branding: Social Media Start Kit: Twitter
3. Dzine Blog: Web Design Inspiration: 40+ Impressive Single Page Websites
4. Drew B's Take on Tech PR: What Happened When I Spoke to the New Generation Twitterati
5. Naked Generations: Olympic President Recruits Gen Y Evangelists
6. Ad Age: H& R Block Reaches Young Consumers by Mobile Phone
7. The Tampa Tribune: Many Will Say 'I<3>
8. Fun & Food Cafe:
Chocolate Banana Pancakes (in bed with your sweetie?)
9. The Huffington Post Re: Adam Sachs of Ignighter: An Open Letter To the Ladies on Valentine's Day...From Some Dudes
10. Geeks Are Sexy: The Geek Guide to Valentine's Day Gifts
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