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Friday Linky Love

TGIF, Friends. This week, Linky Love is focused on travel, tourism and social media. Go figure, I've been bitten by the travel bug and there's no cure.

2. Almost Fearless: Should, Should, Should I Travel
3. Kat Maund: Kat Goes to China (stay tuned for a blog post here-10 students traveling to Western China for a mobile journalism and social media trip)
4. BBC: Online Networking 'Harms Health'
5. Wandering Italy: Twitter and Travel
6. Jaunted: JetBlue Wants Your Private Jet Lunch Money
7. New York Times: Photo Geo-Tagging On the Cheap
8. The Unofficial Apple Weblog: TUAW Tips: Packing Your Gadgetry For For Travel to Faraway Lands
9. Gadling: Budget Travel: Renting A Vacation Apartment
10. Cnet-The Social: OMG! Did Google Earth Find Atlantis?

Photo Credit: doug88888


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