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Friday Linky Love

Each week I must visit thousands of blogs, websites and newsletters--not to mention my RSS feed is jam packed and I'm constantly updating and changing it. Plus, I'm all about sharin' the love. Why am I not running a link love post? Good question, Grace. So be it. Each Friday, I'll post my top 10 article links that I pick up from the week. As always, your thoughts and comments are welcome and appreciated. Enjoy and happy Friday!

Photo Credit: BotheredByBees

1. Creative Class: Youth Entrepreneurship in the Creative Age
2. Strategic Public Relations: Is Customer Interaction An Opportunity or Cost?
3. Advertising Age: 2009 Super Bowl Top 10 Most-Liked, Most-Recalled Spots
4. Visible Measures: Measuring the Effectiveness of Every Super Bowl Ad across 150+ Video Sharing Destinations (if you don't know who Visible Measures is, you should. Scope their data and graphs on gauging video and audience measurement)
5. Hottnez: Adam's Bridge-1,750,000 Year Old Man-Made Bridge between Sri Lanka and India (this has been found a bit back, but imagine what this means for history, amazing!)
6. Danny Brown, guest post with Elaine Young: Small Business, Not Ready for Prime Time-Yet...
7. Social Marketing: How's Your Blog? Time for a Fitness Checkup?
8. Computer World: FAQ: How Google Latitude Locates You (Although cool functionality, I'm not a fan and wouldn't opt in)
9. Read, Write, Web: StumbleUpon Hits 7 Million Users, Quietly 50% Bigger Than Twitter
10. Drew's Marketing Minute: Which Customer Service Example Are you?
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