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Friday Linky Love

There's been a large focus on Generation Y for me this week and recently having connected with some young, progressive bloggers I couldn't help but feature their writing here. Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend.

1. CNN Money: According to a New International Workplace Survey by Kelly Services, Around the Globe the Desire for Meaningful Work Triumphs Over Pay, Promotion, and Job Choices
2. GenerationYGive: Agility in a Time of Uncertainty
3. Gen Y PR Prescriptions: 6 Ways to Play Twitter
4. Women-omics: Why Women are So Good in Business
5. Twenty Set: You Don't Need a Blog Topic. Just Start Writing
6. iNTERSECTEd: Social Media is Nothing Without You
7. Quiet the Thunder: No One Cares About Your Latest Blog Post
8. Smile Like You Mean It: Creative Genius
9. Brazen Careerist: 10 More Ways Generation Y Will Change the Workplace
10. Personal Branding Blog: Will Your Resume Get You the Job You Want?

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