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Friday Linky Love

Eclectic links for Friday April, 10th. I hope you enjoy your weekend, I have visitors and snowboarding on the agenda (yes, that's Breckenridge below, yes I love Colorado).

1. Justice For All: Forget All the Rules, and Write What You Love
2. Elaine Young: A Champlain Professor: Champlain For Reel: Crowdsourcing At Champlain College
3. ChangeOrder: Short URLs, Say Hello to Marketing
4. PSFK: Visually Mapping Web Trends
5. NY Times Frugal Traveler: Three Cushions, a Million Guests (in reference to
6. The Urban Muse-Open Thread: What's Your Ideal Workspace?
7. Startup Whisperer: Can You Explain Your Product To Your Parents?
8. Before I Die I Want To (what do you want to do? And what are you waiting for?!)
9. Shatterboxx/Jamie Varon: Why I Followed My Passion and Why You Should, Too
10. Real Geeks Ride: You just need to check their cause out and if they're stopping through your city, maybe you can host them or support their ride. Everyone digs a geek on a bicycle, right?

Photo Credit: Luke Wisley
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