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What Inspires You? Guest Post IX: Aaron Steinberg

Aaron and I go way back, he may have even been my first boyfriend (gasp) and we were born just 12 hours apart. Nonetheless, as a 20-something living and working in NYC, I'm happy to be featuring Aaron as the ninth in this What Inspires You series because he writes his own blog (you will find out about its compelling content soon) and is probably one of the funniest people I know-I've got a lot of love for this man. Warning: Don't say I didn't warn you ;)

Aaron Steinberg
Bio: This biography is going to be a bit different. I’m not going bore you with the inconsequential details of my life, or at least not right now. My “real name” is Aaron, but when in my writing life I go by Cole, much like Mark Althavan Andrews is better known for his pop alias, Sisqo. I have mixed my love of writing with my love of talking about and thinking about all things sexually and romantically related, and thrown it together in a blog with my counterpart Simon. And, I am still working on short stories and a few half written novels in my spare time.
Blog: Simon and Cole

The basis for all of my inspiration is my experience. For me, and I find this to be true for many people I know, life and its corresponding emotion is a fairly severe sine wave—a roller coaster shape, for those of you that hate math. And, I get inspired by the good and the bad, the highs and the lows.

Within times that I consider positive, there is inspiration all around. Usually something triggers a happy time, whether it be a new relationship, a new story, a new language, or a new place. In the down times, I find inspiration in the why and the how. I start to consider how I got there, and how others get to the same place. I try to figure out ways to get back to me, to pull myself back into good. In the end, all of these thoughts, algorithms, and processes need to go somewhere, and when it comes to me the inspiration usually ends up on a page. My inspiration is a catalyst for my passion…writing.

My passions are generally intense, but temporary. Meaning, basically I have come across few activities, or hobbies, that have excited me for any long stretch of time. Desire, for me, is much more fleeting than it is for most people. I will watch a show like Law and Order: SVU and immediately want to become a sex-crime detective, or watch the Big Lebowski and want to be a fraudulent millionaire.

The one thing that has held my attention, minus a small teenage hiatus, is writing. I love to write. Within writing I have two passions: 1) writing fiction stories (short stories and novels), and 2) philosophical diatribes, usually pertaining to something sexually based or relationship oriented.

See, for many people, me included, a fair amount of the ups and downs of life are connected to relationships, and I’ve always been fascinated with why someone does this to them, and why she responded that way, and what the best way to present that is. Writing has a purpose for me, and that is to council (or in my fiction, to make a point within the story telling). My entire life, people have asked me for advice, specifically about relationships. I was always that friend that everyone went to if they wanted to bitch about their boyfriend not listening to them, or their girlfriend being too flirtatious with other guys. I’m just that guy. I always have been.

A few months ago, my friend Simon and I came up with a plan. We wanted to use our inspiration to be proactive and fight against settling into a bland post-college existence. This new year was about letting go of fear. We started a blog: for us to share ideas, and some stories—most of all, to promote honesty, which we feel is the most underused tool for good relationships, and overall-positive life experience (think about it…are you really honest with many people? Like seriously honest? It’s so much easier to play games and go along with a group than to stand out and be weird). The blog is still in the works, but I have high hopes.

Being able to put my thoughts down on paper inspires me. Telling a story inspires me. I would love the opportunity to spend my life having sex, and then answering people’s questions about relationships and sex, and answer them honestly. To have ladies write to me asking what the hell this guy is actually thinking, and explain it, that would inspire me. If I could spend everyday helping to council people in relationships (while writing the occasional novel of course), I would be pretty fucking fulfilled…and inspired.

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