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March Photo-A-Day Project

As I have previously referenced, I embarked on a project to take a photo-a-day in March (my birthday month) and just finished it. You can see the full set in my sidebar with the Flickr badge or go directly to the set through my Flickr page.

Through support from friends and family (thanks everyone!) I think I'm going to keep going but before I do, I want to post a few of my favorites then also share what I learned, maybe you might even try something similar.

I Learned:
-Bringing your camera everywhere with you can be a bit daunting (and heavy in my bag or purse) but I caught so many beautiful people and images because I had it with me.
-It's not hard to take a photo-a-day. Granted, I only did it for a month but I never missed a day.
-Your vision of the world opens up, because you're looking through your eyes and a lens. When I had my camera on me, inspiration would hit and I was so happy I could capture it.
-It's different. Try breaking up your routine while also giving yourself something habitual. At the end of each day I felt good that I had gotten a photo in, that I was able to capture something unique and then knew that sharing it was half the fun. I suggest and encourage you try it. You never know what you might see.
-Time flies. Cliche, but true. I can now look back over this month and see where I've been and what I did. It's a beautiful timepiece and I now have it forever.

Favorite Shots:
March 9th, downtown Boulder sunset

March 13th, my birthday hike with best friends that surprised me from home 12 hours away

March 21st, a word I always find an affinity with. The morning light had hit this brown bag perfectly from my window. See, never know what you may find or see...

March 30th, music always will be an important part of my life as is Taylor, my friend visiting with her backpack and mandolin (cross country)
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