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Happy Birthday Earth (and Mom)

I'm happy to say that Earth Day is also my beautiful mother's birthday and my good friend, Erica so big celebration to be had for these wonderful women (yes, you too Mother Earth)!

I'm all about greening up our Earth, sustainability, eating organic (I was raised that way) and being environmentally friendly. However, I kind of feel the same way about Earth Day as I do about Valentine's Day. Why do you need one day to help the Earth? Why do you need one day expressively say you love someone? It should be habitual and part of your regular life, practice. Just a thought. Do you feel the same way?

Either way, part of my contribution (amongst many others) today, for April 22nd was in buying my mother an Odor Free Compost Caddy. We always compost at our house, but we use a bucket which isn't too appealing and yes, can smell a bit odd after the disposed food is there too long. This green bucket is only $20.50, can hold up to 2.5 gallons and is easy to transport out to the garden or wherever you compost.
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What other green gift ideas for the Earth (or someone you love) do you have up your sleeve?
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