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A Photo A Day In March

March is my birthday month (the 13th to be exact) so as Spring is on its way, I have decided to do a photo-a-day for March. Inspired by my dear Tall Tara and her Project 365 (my goals aren't that lofty) I'm going to try a month and see where I land and what I learn.

The rules are loose:
-Photos will be taken with my Kodak12X IS

-Photos can be of anything or anyone, but only one photo a day

-After each week I will upload the 7 photos onto my
Flickr stream (unedited)
-I plan to update via blog about 2-3 times

-At the end of the month, I'm going to post my favorites and reflect

So for March 1st, my first photo:
March 1st-Rachael's breakfast birthday candle surprise.

Way to start off my birthday month with another happy birthday, her face is so precious here. Plus, who has ever seen a candle in an omelet? ;)
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