My hands may be SMALL, but my ideas are BIG


Current Projects

I'm busy and involved, but have always been like that and thrive off the power I generate. This is why taking on two blog/online projects on top of my full-time job, working with Ladies Who Launch, helping my mother market her women's retreat to Italy, meetups and everything else that happens in life, isn't daunting (yet).

These projects came organically and spontaneously, plus they're dear to my heart. The first one, I've already announced: A Photo a Day in March and today marks week one complete. I will say it's exciting what you begin to see when you're looking through the lens of your camera daily. You can see these photos in my Flickr stream here.

The second project came to me organically, but often when ideas come to me like this they're the most creative and uninhibited. I'm starting a series on my blog with Generation Y powerhouses sharing and guest blogging here on: What Inspires You?

I began to think about all the amazing Generation Y babies I've been meeting and our exchanges have always been poignant. I thought, "Wow, we interact so differently than our parents do, and the things that make us tick and wake up in the morning are inherently different than that of other generations." Then light bulb. I want to bring those answers all together here, through a sharing series of guest-blog posts. I've left the creation up to them, about 300-500 words describing in any way, What Inspires You? I've reached out directly to a group of Generation Y friends and bloggers worldwide and the responses have been very positive. The first batch are being written as I type, however, I want to open the floor and invitation. If you are interested in the project or know someone who would be, then please e-mail me: gracekboyle at gmail dot com I would love to connect and share our inspirational ideals as a community and powerful generation.

Stay tuned, spread the word and of course, your feedback and thoughts are always welcome!
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