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Friday Linky Love

This week doesn't have a theme, but each article piqued an interest of mine. I like to think there's a little bit of everything for everyone here. Happy Friday and this photo is to invoke the feeling of Spring, even though Boulder got 15"+ inches of snow yesterday!

1. New York Times, N.Y./Region: A Bookstore Closes in Chappaqua, and a Town is Poorer for It
2. Life Without Pants: The Dividing Line: Personal Blogging vs. Personal Branding
3. PR Squared-Show Your Quirk
4. Travellious-Origin
5. New York Times-The Moment: Venice Architecture Biennale
6. Logic + Emotion: How To Be More Human
7. Search Views: Social Media: Twitter Tests Search Ads
8. Wall Street Journal: The Facebook Generation Vs. the Fortune 500
9. nielsen wire: Twitter's Tweet Smell of Success
10.The San Francisco Chronicle: Cisco Acquires maker of Flip Video camcorders (A very close friend of mine, works with Pure Digital [makers of Flip Video] so I'm particularly proud and excited about this start-up making it big time!)

Photo Credit: J. Rosario
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