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Friday Linky Love

It's my birthday today! Yes, I realize it's Friday the 13th but I have now dubbed today a lucky day. So the links I've provided today are all positive. Yes, that's me down there on my birthday last year holding the beautiful cake my friends made me. Enjoy and have a beautiful day.
1. Positive News: Muhammad Yunus Calls for Change
2. Boston Herald: Putnam CEO Puts Positive Spin In Economy
3. What Does Boulder Mean to You? (A project myself and friends have participated in by blogging on what Boulder means to them--great posts)
4. Time: Five Reasons For Economic Optimism
5. I Care by Ruby Ku: Helping Through Lending
6. Good Magazine: Carpooling Quietly Booms in San Francisco
7. The Happy Herald: Robin Williams, Expect the Unexpected
8. Happy News: Food Caravan Stops In Hard-Hit Indiana County
9. 12for12K: 12for12K Teams Up With Pledge to End Hunger
10. Mother Earth News: Inspiring Handmade Homes
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