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What Inspires You? Guest Post IV: Jamie Varon

The fourth in my "What Inspires You" series, I'm happy to be featuring Jamie Varon who tells it like it is. I appreciate her drive, honesty and fresh ideas such as her Twitter Should Hire Me Campaign. So without further ado...

Jamie Varon
Bio: Jamie Varon writes about the intersection of life, love, and work over at her blog, intersected ( She is bold, ambitious, honest, and wants to write about topics that people are afraid to discuss. Currently, she is working towards building a strong portfolio within the social media marketing industry.
Blog: intersected Twitter: @jamievaron

At different times of the day, inspiration will hit me. It could be a beautifully designed website or a blog post about something living honestly and courageously. Maybe, it's a copmliment someone gave me or a criticism I received. I find that inspiration comes in the most unsuspecting forms.

However, the one thing that always, 100% no doubt inspires me is when someone is living passionately and authentically. And, when they have the courage to be honest about it, flaws and all. That is my true inspiration.

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