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Luis Filipe dos Santos-Ink Blot Illustration Artist

Art and design inspire me (I'm on an inspirational kick) so whenever I stumble across an artist that blows me away, I get giddy, wide-eyed and then know I want to feature their work. Luis Filipe dos Santos, an artist based in Portugal is one of them. Luis creates illustrations by using ink-blots as the base for his works. Like Meteu Velasco that I featured last month, I also reached out to Filipe and his humbleness and gratitude was refreshing. With his permission, here are my favorite pieces from his see.saw Flickr set:

what do you see? 04
i saw this. 04

what do you see? 05
i saw this. 05

For more of Filipe, check out his blog, Corcoise, his Etsy page, Flickr stream and website.
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