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Friday Linky Love

I love lists--making and reading them. This week ironically, I started finding some great top 10 lists that are current so I thought I would keep this week into the theme. So enjoy and happy Friday!
1. Elephant Journal-10 Great Eleanor Roosevelt Quotes
2. Entrepreneur-Top 10 Reasons to Start Up in the Recession
3. Courant- Top 10 Ways 2009 Is Better Than 1999
4. Ad Age- Top 10 Media and Marketing Books of All Time
5. TheLadders-Top 10 Criteria That Make or Break A Resume
6. Cats Who Code- Top 10 Thesis Theme Customizations
7. Traveling the Green Way- Top 10 U.S. Cities For Vacation Value
8. NY Times- The 10 Best Books of 2008
9. Gigaom- Top 10 Tech Companies That Pay Engineers the Most
10. Thomas Joos- My Top 10 iPhone Applications

Photo Credit: Ella's Dad
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