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What Inspires You? Guest Post V: Adam Fullerton

For some reason Adam and I didn't meet until the very end of college and it still baffles us since we immediately clicked. His humor, honesty and zest for life are both endearing and addictive qualities that make everyone who is around him, immediately liken to him. All reasons, I'm happy to be featuring Adam as the fifth in my What Inspires You series.

Adam Ross Fullerton

Bio: Education-Life, everyone I have ever talked to, anything I have ever done, anything I ever heard (once I learned how to listen), and I hung out in classrooms at Champlain College until one day they gave me a very expensive piece of paper. Current Project- Campaign Analyst at a
video analytics company. Accomplishments- Making people smile, Eagle Scout, I love my job.
Blog: AdamFullerton Twitter: @fullyadam

The Might of a Muse

I used to be bummed out by the fact I never found something I thought I was exceptionally good at. Until one day when I realized I am a renaissance man who is really good at a lot of things which, in my opinion, makes me much better off. I am the luckiest man in the world because I can sing, dance, write music, laugh, cry, fix, break, climb, run, swim, sail, build a house, build a fire, build a following, think, talk, yell and whisper. I can work in subtlety, work in silence, and work in the rain. I can work outside, inside and even upside down.


I am inspired by those who I consider better than me. Without the higher standard set I will always feel comfortable resting on my laurels. I don’t seek inspiration, I let it come to me when it hits, it crashes on me like a ton of bricks. I am inspired by a beautiful photograph in a friend's apartment. I am inspired by a train conductor helping an elderly woman carry her suitcase up a flight of stairs. I am inspired by other people's opinions, ideas and cultures. I am inspired by people who don't say something unless its 100% meaningful. I am inspired by smart people with smart ideas who decided to do something and just did it, because if no one ever went completely out of their way to carry out a crazy idea than the human race would have died off a long time ago. I am inspired by the idea that if I was born a hundred years ago I would have been working in a railroad car shoveling coal instead of just riding one into Boston everyday.


So what motivates me? As cheesy as it sounds I am in the constant chase of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I know what I want in life and I embrace change, this means that I am always striving to achieve the things that make me happy while knowing that happiness will constantly evolve. I am especially motivated by the idea that my great grandmother was born in the time of a horse drawn carriage and died after seeing a man land on the moon. Now I am the first Fullerton to graduate college and I am taking part in the evolution of the Internet. I firmly believe that if you find something you love doing and take advantage of it than striving for excellence happens naturally, no motivation required.

Don’t know what you love to do? The best way to figure this out is just to get out there. Take a job you think you would hate, face the public, only let money be a factor if it has to be, never take a job you won’t learn anything at, and when possible, do something you would have never thought of if you had a closed mind. Life experience is key because life is the only thing that will teach you what you truly enjoy and are good at, and that is the true measure of success.

What I do, that might work for you:

If you're anything like me you need to be reminded of things constantly. Hang up a massive picture of a place you always wanted to visit next to a door you walk through everyday. For anything in your life that reminds you of your past install at least five times that which reminds you of your future. This will make you thankful for what you have and remind of what you want.

I end with a quote that I heard from an old Spanish man on a video showcased on this very blog.

"I have lived for 102 years and... I promise the only thing you wont like about life is that it is too short. You're here to be happy."

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